Nomination of Candidates

1.        To nominate an individual to run for election to the Board of Trustees, please complete an Application for Nomination  [insert link to application]

2.       Only one eligible application need be submitted for a candidate to be nominated for a position on the Board.  If an individual is nominated for more than one position, he or she will be asked to choose the position for which he or she will run.

3.       Application must be submitted by a member of the BIAOH.  Any memer, including a Constituent Member, may submit an Application for Nomination.

4.       Applications must be submitted via Email to or received by U.S. Mail to the BIAOH P.O. Box 21325, Columbus, Ohio 43221 NO LATER THAN CLOSE OF BUSINESS on OCTOBER 17, 2019

5.       To be eligible to serve on the BIAOH Board of Trustees, an individual must be a current Regular, Professional, or Student Member of the BIAOH or be the designated representative of a Corporate Member of the BAIOH at the time of the election and for the duration of his or her tenure on the Board.  In addition, some Board positions require an individual to possess certain professional qualifications.  Applications for Nomination of individuals who do not meet this, or any other required criteria will not be considered. 

6.       Members of the BIAOH Board of Trustees must attend four meetings (or eight if elected to an Officer position) during the year.

7.       Board members will be required to fulfill the duties of his or her position.  Please review the duties of the position for which the individual is being nominated to ensure his or her ability to commit to these responsibilities.



o    Preside over all Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, Annual Membership and other meetings of The Association;

o    Coordinate the duties of other Officers and chairpersons of all Committees;

o    Appoint all chairpersons of Standing Committees and Ad Hoc Committees, with the majority approval of the Board of Trustees, except as otherwise specified in these bylaws;

o    Be the ex-officio member of all Committees except the Nominating Leadership Committee

o    Fulfill other duties as may be designated by the Board of Trustees.


o    Sending notices of all meetings;

o    Recording, distributing, obtaining approval of, signing and dating minutes of all meetings;

o    Notifying nominees and the Board of Trustees of the results of all elections;

o    Recording all votes taken during meetings;

o    Carrying on all correspondence assigned by the President or the Board of Trustees;

o    Maintaining a current roster of all officers and members of the Board of Trustees; and

o    Performing other duties as may be prescribed by these bylaws or as may be designated by the President or Board of Trustees.


o    Serve as the fiscal officer of The Association;

o    Serve as the chairperson of the Finance and Audit Committee;

o    Be bonded;

o    Oversee the maintenance of appropriate records to reflect the receipts of all monies and the payment of all authorized and just bills of The Association as well as the preparation of an annual report and/or audit; 

o    Oversee the preparation and submission of a report of the financial activities of The Association during the fiscal year to the General Membership at the Annual Meeting.

o    Prepare and file or otherwise submit any financial report required by rule or law.

Member at Large:

Six Members-at-Large shall serve on the Board of Trustees.  They shall represent the General Membership and shall carry out such other duties as may be designated by the Board of Trustees

Standing Committee Chair:  Consumer Services:

o    Evaluate the quality and delivery of BIAOH core services including

1.       Information directory

2.       HELPLINE Operations

3.       Support Group Relations

4.       Education

o    Establish a data collection and reporting methodology to document the value of BIAOH services and activities

o    Present recommendations to the Board for improvements and/or additions to BIAOH core services

8.       Individuals nominated to run for election to the Board of Trustees will have information provided in the Application for Nomination released to the public as part of BIAOH’s duty to share information regarding candidates with our membership.  This will be accomplished by posting this information on our website as well as the ballot.  Therefore, nominees MUST sign the acknowledgement on the Application for Nomination.  Applications for nominees who do not wish to make this information public will not be considered.