October 9, 2018 - Nominations Due to BIAOH October 19, 2018 - Voting Instructions Will Be Distributed to Voting Members November 3, 2018 - Deadline to Vote November 8, 2018 - Annual Meeting and Announcement of Election Results

Nominated Candidates

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Executive Committee Members

President - Stephanie Ramsey, RN First Vice President - Emily Smith, JD

Second Vice President - Kim Bergstrom, BBA Treasurer - Open

Secretary - Jacqueline Stanton

Members-at-Large (6 Open Positions)

Laura Holtsberry Christine Koterba, PhD Jonathan Pedrick, MD

Ron Savoia, MBA Melissa Volk Greg Wagner, MS

Election Documents

Description of Board Positions Description of Committees 2019 Schedule of Meetings

Note From our President

For the past several years, the Brain Injury Association of Ohio (BIAOH) has been operating under emergency status due to state and federal funding cuts. Because of the hard work, good stewardship and relentless dedication of the current Board of Trustees, we are able to bring the BIAOH out of emergency status and back to regular functioning in accordance with the Bylaws of the BIAOH. I am happy to announce that elections of the Board of Trustees will be held electronically with the results announced during our Annual Meeting that will take place on Thursday, November 8, 2018 from 4:00pm-6:00pm. The location will be announced soon.

Because we have been operating under emergency status for some time, the entire Board of Trustees will be elected in 2018. Following the 2018 election, the Board will move back to the normal schedule of elections as dictated in the Bylaws of the BIAOH.

Any current Member of the BIAOH may nominate a candidate for the Board of Trustees. Regular, Professional, and Student Members, as well as the designated representative of Corporate Members, will receive voting instructions via email UNLESS that Member made a request to be removed from our email distribution list. Pursuant to the Bylaws of the BIAOH, Constituent Members enjoy all rights except voting and holding office. Constituent Members who wish to vote may convert their membership to an eligible membership of their choice. This change and payment of dues must be completed no later than October 8, 2018 and may be done by contacting Emily Smith at esmith@biaoh.org. If you have a question about your membership status, please contact Emily Smith at esmith@biaoh.org. Membership status must be established no later than October 8, 2018 for that individual to participate in the nomination and election process.

My most sincere thanks to our current Board of Trustees. Without their tireless service, BIAOH would not exist today. Many thanks to our members for supporting this process and anyone who will consider service on the Board of Trustees.


Stephanie Ramsey, President