Hello all!!! 

EXCITING NEWS!!!!   The Amendment to increase the Ohio appropriation to the Ohio Brain Injury Program has been introduced.  This is a time when we need to mobilize as much public support as possible to finally increase the funding for the needs of our TBI population.  I hope that you will take action in support of this amendment and encourage all you know to do the same!  


 *  SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE:  Larry Householder

                                                         77 South High Street - 14th Floor

                                                         Columbus, Ohio 43215

                                                          Phone:  (614) 466-2500


*  Chair House Finance Committee:  Scott Oleslager

                                                          77 South High Street - 13th Floor

                                                          Columbus, Ohio 43215

                                                          Phone:  (614) 752-2438


E-mail links can be found on the website for the Ohio House of Representatives: 


 1.  Contact the Speaker and the Chairman of the Finance Committee  immediately by phone, letter or email. 

 2.  Express your support for the amendment with your supportive statements on why an increase of funding is so critical in providing needed resources and improved services specific to the TBI population.

 3.  Tell your story:  

-  Introduce yourself! 

         Talk about your journey

         What was your life like before your injury? 

-  Talk about your injury - your story is unique and important!  

         What was your treatment like?       

         Did you go to the hospital?

- Life since your injury.... what has changed since your injury? 

         What are your ongoing needs? 

         What would be most helpful to everyday life?

- Support

         What does a newly injured person need in their community in order to live successfully?  

         What is still missing in our state?   

-  Please thank the Speaker and Chairman for their time and invite them to contact the Ohio Brain Injury Program or the Brain Injury Association of Ohio, www.biaoh.org, for more details.

3.  Share this call to action and contact information above with colleagues, support groups you are associated with, professional organizations ( Licensing Boards, professional groups, etc.)  and encourage them to contact the Speaker and Chair of the Finance Committee with their support to the amendment. 

 I have a supply of hard copies of OhioBRAINS and a Guide for Self Advocacy that I am happy to send to you for distribution to support group members, caregivers and family members.  Please let me know if you would like a supply.  Also, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.  

With best regards,